Running on Four Hours of Sleep in the Rainforest

This is it.

My Biology Internal Assessment and the final draft of my Extended Essay were due within 2 days of each other.

I had four hours of sleep in those 2 days.

My viva voce, a reflective conversation with my supervisor, was done via Skype today. The Extended Essay is finally over, and I now know a thing or two about APA (American Psychological Association) citation.

I’ve also discovered that I enjoyed science writing immensely. I was particularly inspired by an award-winning essay on the nocebo effect by Penny Sarchet, who has written for New Scientist, Nature, and Cosmos, amongst other.

Unfortunately I cannot share any parts of my EE until I receive my IB Diploma. However, I can share a few slides from my EE presentation to my peers, so you can see my planning stage:




The EE started out a little rough for me, but I guess Nelson Mandela knew what he was talking about. It always seems impossible until it’s done.

There is much too say about how relaxed accomplishment feels. I won’t be saying those things. Instead I will be doing some much needed inspections of the inside of my eyelids.


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