We Didn’t Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Yes, I went to Moshi, Tanzania for two weeks during our school’s intersession, and I didn’t climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. In my defense, I wasn’t really prepared for such a physically challenging feat.

However, what I did get to do:

– Saw baby zebras at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.


– Got my glasses stolen by a very curious toddler.


– Dug a foundation for a new school building and carried surprisingly heavy buckets of cement under the intense Tanzanian heat (Important: Keep hydrated, always).

– Hiked the Pare Mountains range (did I mention that I was very out of shape?).

– Slept in a tent with a leak through a rainy night.

– Crossed over to the Kenyan side of Lake Chala.


– Saw a production of Oliver! at the International School Moshi, in which little children were dressed up as food during a very nice rendition of Food, Glorious Food.

– Met the Maasai and chatted inside their homes.


– Decided that cornrows with my short hair wasn’t a good look.


– Most importantly, got sunburnt for the first time in my life (Ouch!).


“How was Tanzania?”, asked my parents.

“I didn’t climb Kilimanjaro”, I replied, “but I’m definitely going to someday.”


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